Over 3 years of unrest have created the worst humanitarian crisis in the modern history of the Middle East region. Over 6 million Syrians are in need for humanitarian aid, around 4 million people have been internally displaced, more than 1.7 million refugees have fled the country to neighbouring countries.

Unbearable conditions

Millions of people have been displaced, with many fleeing to neighbouring countries.  As well as extreme food shortages, 59% of hospitals have been damaged or destroyed inside Syria. Those that are unable to flee their homes are trapped into a cycle of fear and desperation. The public infrastructure is severely damaged including homes, clinics, hospitals and other essential services such as water and sanitation networks. The result of which are overcrowded shelters. Furthermore, violence restricts men, women and children’s access to potable water, food and health services. Many displaced Syrians are staying in unsuitable unfurnished locations such as schools, university dorms and poultry farms. They are living in unbearable conditions.

Islamic Relief in Syria

Islamic Relief has responded to the crisis and has been providing support to Syrians since the onset of the emergency, with distributions of emergency food, shelter, and essential supplies blankets, and hygiene kits. Additionally, Islamic Relief has been providing medical aid inside Syria and we have reached over 2 million people with aid. As the crisis continues, Islamic Relief’s emergency response continues to help those affected by the ongoing conflict.

Projects in Syria