The devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010 drew the world’s attention to one of the most unstable and impoverished countries in the world. Thousands died and millions lost everything, but the country was already in a desperate situation before the disaster.

Over half the population were already living on less than $1 per day and a third of children suffered chronic malnutrition – one of the highest rates in the world, following years of political instability. The 2010 earthquake not only destroyed schools, hospitals and homes, hopes for Haiti’s already uncertain future was severely set back by the earthquake.

Islamic Relief in Haiti

Islamic Relief began working in Haiti in the days after the earthquake, delivering emergency aid to survivors. Eleven days after the earthquake, we had set up the first of our three camps, providing much needed shelter to homeless families. Each of these included water and sanitation facilities, like toilets, showers and drainage systems, food and water distributions, hygiene kits, and essential survival items like blankets and kitchen sets to prepare meals.

Our extensive £6 million programme covered more than just immediate response however – as we began working to help rebuild the many buildings that were destroyed, including three schools for over 2,500 students and new homes for 800 families. In addition to this we provided vocational training to help people develop skills to find new jobs, and continued to support over 1,000 families living in Islamic Relief camps.

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