Donate Towards the Winter Warmth Appeal S$

Many refugees will face harsh conditions, and for those most vulnerable, it will be a struggle to survive the winter.

$50 can provide children’s clothes and boots to keep them wrapped up warm
$150 can provide a mattress, pillow and blankets for warmth and comfort

Islamic Relief is Responding

Across Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon, we aim to reach families with items to help them stay warm. We will distribute fuel, gas heaters, stove heaters, blankets, mattresses, plastic sheeting, food parcels, winter clothes, pillows, carpets, vitamins and supplements.

In Afghanistan, we are working to distribute food, firewood and blankets.

In Kosova, people who will otherwise struggle to stay warm this winter will be provided with waterproof sheets, heaters, clothes, blankets, and vitamins and supplements to help keep them healthy.

Why your help is needed

Together we can help millions of people worldwide survive this winter.

In Iraq, there are more than 3 million displaced Iraqis suffering in temporary shelter, as well as 250,000 Syrian refugees. In Lebanon and Jordan, there are over 1.6 million refugees, relying on goodwill to survive, and in Syria, some 12.2 million people need humanitarian help.

Additionally, in Afghanistan, there are around 171,000 people who have been internally displaced, as well as those who have returned to Afghanistan but do not have substantial shelter.

Help them survive the winter, please donate today

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