Back to school with new kit!

Hundreds of children have started the new term with a boost from new school sets.

Islamic Relief has delivered a distribution with a difference in Kosovo.


Nearly 300 children have started the school term with new stationery sets in an event organised by our local team.

For the last nine years Islamic Relief has been giving educational support by distributing school kits to orphans across Kosova.

Fundraising assistant Iliriana Zeqiri said: “I have been part of many different distributions with Islamic Relief but this one was special.

“The children were called one-by-one to collect the bags.

“One of them opened the bag and started saying the items inside the school bag out loud, telling her mother as if she needed proof that they were really there.

“When she saw the watercolours and the brushes she jumped up and down with joy.”

Since 1999 Islamic Relief has been working in Kosovo, contributing to post-war relief, including school rehabilitation and orphan sponsorship.

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